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5:42 p.m. - 2011-12-27
heal your soul
not letting me in,
just waiting for me to stumble upon
your secrets
your loves
your hates
your infatuations
your OCD
your everything that is only you and never me.

and when i'm discovered in the womb of your imaginary world,

your eyes roll, your lips smirk,

I become a trespassing fool,
longing for the bliss in ignorance, the chance even of never being born
*~*~*oh God why did you not make me a complete moron?*~*~*

Oh how it makes me wary of secrets
of love
of hate
of infatuation
and ever ever of OCD habits ever

and everything that is only me without you,

when you're right here,
right here in my sight, in my silly foolish immature babyish heart.

Oh, soul, heal yourself.
So when you die,
the essence of the universe will gravitate toward the molecules of your being,
and only the love of the innocent and selfless will let me remain weightless
and dissipate into the unknown,
spread out like an invisible sheet,
and break away from all consciousness
like the last flicks of a dying flame.

And I will be right,



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