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11:42 p.m. - 2011-12-26
I haven't written in a while.


How dramatic could I be to keep my attention when I read this in a year? How boring might it be? life...

I'll inform:

Still with the man I love. The one who, as my ex stated it, "pounced" on me once he learned I was single.

I am happier. My heart no longer feels like an apple with its skin being peeled off slowly.

I am more sure of my it wrong or right, the universe has not yet notified me. It is what it is, indeed.

I spend most, if not everyday, with my lover. He has said he is in love with me, angry about it because of how soon he allowed it to happen, but in love all the same. My child gets to join in, too. My dog does not, and I am evil for this. Evil.

We argue at least once a week.

Sex is good. I mean, great. We come at the same time. Which has resulted in a couple of "morning-after pills" (strange pills in my body ie birth control...ehhhh, no).

He is coming upstairs into our imaginary tree house to sleep, so I'll close this.

I will write more. It's entertaining to read...a year later.


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