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5:38 p.m. - 2012-01-08
good things
love is everything

that i lost and can't be.

you're supposed to focus on the good things
and only write about the good things
so your brain focuses on that and everyone thinks that your life is great so they can be jealous and try try try to have it.
only write about the good things that happen
so the world can try to be perfect, so everything can be perfect, so we can all look at each other with pasted grins or big white teeth and say

my ex boyfriend just got engaged to one of the girls that had a big crush on him while he and I were dating.

so anyway, today i cleaned and did laundry like a good little girlfriend and i told my boyfriend that i want to sing on the song he is working on, like a good little girlfriend and he said he was too busy.

but everything is good, i watched Amadeus and read articles about how you can get your boyfriend to want to marry you even if you suck and i am giving my boyfriend and myself space like we both want and need and even when everything seems lost, someone is reading this and it might help them to know that I'm just writing to write and I actually am a person with dreams that always come true

and my son just made a new friend and her name is Hope.


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