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6:46 p.m. - 2013-12-07
here's your
boring apology
bubbling chemistry
boiling over the pot
evaporating into some form
of did i really say anything at all
or are you just not listening?

here's your
i'm sorry
unspun from around the universe
balled up into my arms
and thrown into your bed for a blanket

here's your
unconditional love
the mute soldier
standing on guard
waiting to defend you when they attack

here's your
infinite of me
anticipating you yesterday before i even knew
hopeful for a tomorrow before i even know
full of unspilled words today, flooding everything I've known, drowning every reason to not forgive

here's your
boring apology
i mean every boring word
and if you're even listening
it doesn't matter

i'm still yours,
and i still need you.


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