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1:36 p.m. - 2019-03-21
FULL MOON and SPRING EQUINOX good kind of crazy day, so far
Today is 100% diary entry worthy.

I woke up to the chihuahuas I'm petsitting happy to see me awake and willingly going outside to pee. The carpet that they ALWAYS urinate on was fresh pee free, and there was only a small dried turd that was extremely easy to pick up with a paper. Work was nice and slow, and I changed a couple of things in that will make things go more smoothly. Right before lunch, an older couple came to sign their lease and said that their daughter would be up in about an hour to sign, so they could pay and get their keys. As soon as the clock struck noon, I headed to Fresh Market for a salad. I tried a new chicken southwestern salad, and it was actually pretty good. As I was walking into the store, I noticed I had a call and a text from someone named Shay, and upon further investigation, it was a news anchor for WREG Channel 3. She was connected to me through my friend Jordan who used to be the events coordinator for Family Safety Center. She calls or texts me whenever there's a local hot story about domestic violence. She asks me questions about how common this shit is, etc. I had her interview Jessie once before, then I did it last time. I decided she could meet me at work, and I'll do it again, cuz why the hell not. I get nervous, but they clip it down so much, I don't know why I do!

When I went to get the salad, the older couple who had just been in my office were there looking to get lunch, too. And even though I feel like they didn't get their way a lot (not their fault), they were very nice to me, even making sure they said, "Hey Jerica!" When I got back to the office to prepare for the interview, the front desk gal, Gabby, gave me an empty Starbucks cup with my name on it. A woman who didn't get her way yesterday but was given a refund of her deposit and was apparently very happy about it bought me and the manager, Mary, a drink of our choice, tall sizes. I took the cups to grab us some drinks at the closest Starbucks on Union, and one of my best friends, Chad, had just gotten there to work the drive-thru. So even if the lady was crazy, I got the drinks upsized to Venti lol, and Chad and I agreed to catch up next month.

And I didn't have to finish signing the lease with the daughter of that couple, because she came right when I was leaving for Starbucks.

The cherry on top is that Karen and her brother Jimmy are going to be sitting only a few seats away from me and our coworker Ashley at the Pixies/Weezer concert tomorrow night at FedEx Forum.

Now I'm just waiting for a guy named Shaun who works at a bar in STL that I really like to text me back when I said we should play Nintendo games next time I'm up there. We hit it off, I have a good feeling about him. Wish we lived in the same city, but what can you do. All the more reason to move back to STL...if it turns into anything.

Anyway, it's the Spring Equinox AND a full moon, so it explains a lot.

Had to document. Byeeeeee.


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