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7:57 p.m. - 2019-01-14
Haha. You’re an artist. And your kind of crazy is drawn to me.
I’ve been to hell and back and I’ve seen things you will never see. Only kindness can get along with me, it’s the only balance the evil involuntarily planted inside me will allow. And you know it. And you crave to know more. You’ll do anything to taste it, just for a night. For a night, you’ll pretend to be kind.

It’s so funny to me now. You have no idea you don’t bother me, your kind can’t truly touch me. I’ve met you a dozen times over in other artists
trying to make me a muse.

But I’m not that kind of crazy anymore. I’m beyond anything you can wrap your mind around.

You have no idea. You shouldn’t come near me.
I’m the kind of crazy that will not only shut you off. I will make you sane. You will find one woman and anchor yourself to her like she’s the last wet island on a planet set aflame.
You will stop aspiring, you will become as boring as you know you are, as simple as you always were. You will settle.
My crazy will make you feel boring and you will go sane. I am your worse nightmare.

But because you’re so selfish, I won’t save you from yourself. Have me. And go sane. It’s hilarious to me.


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