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11:12 p.m. - 2018-12-15
Note to self
Note to self:

If a man you don’t quite click with or talk with that much while hanging out with (and you actually got along better with his friend AS a friend) decides to plant his talented hands on your hips and hug you then bends down to your face until you turn to look up at him in a dim, crowded room filled with enemies & friends & potential lovers, with alternative rock music playing loudly, then leans in close to wordlessly ask for a kiss? Shake your head no, then say those words, don’t ASK, “You’re going back to Montana in a week.”

Let him go next time. He just wanted fun and a passionate experience, nothing more, nothing less. Oh sure, you might fall in love, but did he really believe it? Right then, was he thinking, “Wow, I’d marry her.” Nah. He was thinking, “She’s cute, interesting, nice, fun, funny. I’m gonna fuck her.” He wanted to just win, and gotdamn, woman, you let him. Why? He didn’t earn it, not one little bit. And, sure enough, he’s not committed.

Just...note to self. Don’t let him touch you or kiss you. You knew it was wrong. And now he has you wrapped around his big Montana finger and he’ll cut it loose. Just wait.

Don’t do that again, okay? Love you.


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