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10:59 p.m. - 2018-12-13
I follow you like a hunch. The universe tells me to walk that way, pick up that book, look this way, touch this, buy that, so I do. It all connects, teaches me, shows me how to love. What should I say, what thought should I follow, will they take me to love? Will you see only love, where I fail but am dying to feel? The magic word is “match,” I whisper it with a quiet smile. I find myself saying it every day, on a solid moment from tip toeing around unjustified fear. The past is a monster, but the present laughs, in its face. Why does the present move, so slow and calm! I’m nervous in the doctor’s office only to hear nothing’s wrong! Following you keeps me spinning, like the moon around the world, the world around the sun.


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