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1:02 a.m. - 2016-12-26
Jason, thank you for the foot rubs and detangling my hair.

Kip, thank you for softly caressing the inside of my hand with your finger making circle after slow circle while kissing me with the most trueness I've ever felt in any kiss.

Adam, thank you for producing music and letting me join in.

Those were my happiest moments with my most favorite romances.

If I huddle into a ball and roll into the darkness, will I still be extraordinary? Will everything I've ever done still light up the way?

I have guardian angels, and I asked them why they keep me alive. I should have died, so many times.

I need to be touched and loved and for it to be real again. But I'm tired, so do I keep going?

Slow down, everything, slow down. Or speed up.

I'm very alone, with the rest of you.


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