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1:34 p.m. - 2016-08-27
B.L. contacted me last Thursday on Snapchat.

He was drunk.

He said he owed me. He said we need to see each other. He said he might move to Memphis. He said he'd been arrested twice this year, once for a D.U.I. and another for a miscommunication about not paying child support. He's going back to jail the first full week of September for a couple of weeks.

I never heard from him after that. He blocked my number and deleted Snapchat. I took caller id off my phone, so when I called, it went through and he answered.

He said he's in a different place, and he didn't want me to think him calling me would be a regular thing, and he knows I wouldn't want to be with him, the way things are going. He said he didn't know how to unblock my number cuz he did it last year on another phone. But he has my number. He can call or text anytime. But he doesn't want to know me. I'm blocked on Facebook, too. He lied and said he hasn't been on there for a long time. I know otherwise, of course. Why does he still chase April? What's wrong with me?

He said he was drunk, and he was "actually embarrassed" that he called. Then he muted the call, and I just hung up after a minute.

I'm so dead, I'm happy he's gone. One less thing to be dead about.


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