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10:10 p.m. - 2016-08-02
feeling of you
i'm forgetting how you felt against my skin,
but i feel your pain

in the still air
and the ringing in my ears,
the itching of my nose,

the rock weighing down my chest.

the rock i'm becoming.

strong, solid, holding down the fort,

but rough around the edges.

and it's like a magnet for the moon
that pushes the waves of the ocean
that move the voo-doo energy of you

into the air around me.

i'm forgetting your skin, how you felt,

but i still feel
how you feel,
like i'll never forget,

like the rock that crumbled
from a grand high place
into the water below,

to maybe drown or disintegrate.

but it instead floats
with those waves
pushed by the moon,
onto the shore

of memory.

here it lies, here i am, here i become,

a heavy piece of you.


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