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10:57 p.m. - 2015-09-03
nice people are annoying
coming up with a set list for my first solo acoustic show at Otherlands (on oct 3 2015), eating m&m's and texting Brian Lowery.

Life will get even better when I go to sleep.

Almost killed a dog today with a Baytril overdose. I knew I would do that one day, and I knew it would be because of Enrofloxacin. Motherfucking fucked up drug for horses that we give to dogs, fucked up!
He had a seizure but came in for liver issues. I feel like such a fuck wad.

I sent Brian a phone charger and phone case and he's just beside himself that I'm so nice to him. I told him I'll go back to being mean so he doesn't get uncomfortable, "nice people are annoying." He said, "Yeah. Don't do that."

Lol. Right.


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