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10:33 p.m. - 2013-12-06
i follow you through the halls of our dreams,
your clothes falling off as they break at the seams.
turning the corners, i catch all your cover,
while the corner of your eye hangs on me being your lover.

you never quite wait, just spin 'round me in circle,
i'm dizzy i'm dizzy this maze is a push pull.

i watch you pretend that everything's fine,
your nakedness ain't hidden, just everyone's blind.

you never quite run, just dance 'round me like lust,
you'll win your own game, it's fuck love or bust.

before we wake up, we reach the end of the maze,
the heat of your body a leash to my craze.
i stay right behind you, you move at just the right speed,
we just need to touch, it's not a want, it's a need.

and like a wreck in a car, in the night, on the ice,
you spin round and grab me, pull up hard but so nice.
the sweat is so wet, the tears are our mirrors,
the blood is mud and we roll and we trudge.

it lasted 2 seconds and it felt so real,
i knew then you missed me,
i felt how you feel.
you said something sad, what did you say/say it again, you want me to stay

after we crashed, we held on and then died,
i woke up, you were gone, and I cried.
i woke up, you were gone, and I cried.


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