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7:54 p.m. - 2013-11-10
You Are Pandora's Box
it's no coincidence
you look like a greek god
and act like zeus.
they stole your fire,
you were a liar
and never called a truce.
i bent over backwards
to find the key in the dark
to your box.
the gift of you, oh the lift of you,
gave me the opportunity
that knocks.
You had the whole world in your hands
and you gave me
every single evil it holds.
i couldn't shut you out,
a hurricane of pain as the truth
we worship you like a a god, you act like a lord, you look like you fell
straight from heaven.
now i know why i still have hope,
now i know why i still see love,
why i see past the flash of seven.
you are pandora's box.
you are.
you are pandora's box.
you are.


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