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6:42 p.m. - 2013-11-03
bully bully e, g, d, a
bully, bully
leave me alone
dont ya think your bad side
has already shone
why don't ya let me live my life
go take another trail
besides a lot of us think
you should still be in jail

bully, bully
please let me dance
we got the same friends
we get the same second chance
i don't mind you hittin on
those organ keys
let me stay and listen hard
while you don't hit on me oh oh

bully, bully
stop all those lies
you already hurt me
people they got their eyes
and honey, they've all heard
what you did to me
sure, go on & play your tunes
just fuckin let me be oh oh

I kept you out of trouble, a string on my sleeve, if you can't handle me in your bubble, Then YOU fuckin leave!

bully, bully
leave me alone
bully, bully
For you, I am stone


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