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9:05 p.m. - 2013-01-02
December 26, 2012

He got mad that I wanted to give him a blowjob...because he was 'depressed' and I should have known that, duh, because his kid and parents weren't in town for Christmas.

Me: "Well, we had sex last night."

"So, I felt bad, because it was Christmas and I knew you wanted to."

Cut to him telling me to move my car so he can leave.

To go where, I have no idea. We had had wine and it was cold and I really was mad at him for being an asshole about me wanting to give him a blowjob (how disrespectful of me?)

Long story short: I did not move my car. Seriously? It's midnight and his girlfriend tried to turn him on and he's MAD??
He pushed me in my chest/stomach as hard as he could across the living room and I hit the floor. I ran back to the bedroom and he threw me on the bed and held me down, pushing down on my temple as hard as he could and sitting on me, putting all his weight on me, for about 2 minutes, and I couldn't move.

So I just screamed bloody murder. No one came.

And so I lied there silently until he felt fulfilled.

"How does it feel to not have your freedom? To not be able to move? Freedom is a human right, you can't take that away from me!"

Me: "I didn't take anything away from you. You have your phone and your feet, you can call a friend to come pick you up. I'm not moving my car. You can't take away my human right to not move my car."

Yes. I'm still with this guy.

He proceeded to tell me that I have "mommy leaving home" issues and that I have "abandonment" issues and that's why I hate it when he goes out without me.

I'd like Dr. Boyfriend to explain to me while I'm still with him even though he abuses me.

Don't forget: Love could kill you.


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