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11:36 p.m. - 2012-08-27
I am obsessing over my ex from 2 years ago, 2 months before he is to be married to a fake-o princess two/faced prissy pants.

Maybe because I know he knows we will never be friends again. And I know he knows she's (see above). And I know he knows I know he never really got over me,

And we are both committing to our rebounds.

My live-in boyfriend kept hitting me and kicking me drunkenly a few nights ago. So I drunkenly, absent-mindlessly, and probably angrily (which I have every right to feel) smacked his face, to which he smacked my face. To which I discovered the next day, I may have unwittingly fractured his President Adams nose.

Quit hitting me. Tell me I'm pretty. Quit hurting me.

(...don't marry her, rescue me...rescue me, please..........


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