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9:54 p.m. - 2011-03-18
I could blow through the ceiling...
there's a climax of emotion
where you realize every truth all at once
i feel like tellin that guy he wouldn't know what to do with me if he had me;
i want my lover to have the nerve to admit he's just goin through the motions and unafraid to make me feel crazy when he feels like shutting down, that he's afraid to get rid of the comfort that he does have the nerve to get from me;
that alcohol IS a friend that muffles the pain when you have no one to talk to;
that i'm going through the motions because i need someone to love me;
i believe i deserve better;
i believe in this moon that's gonna shake things's gonna shake it all up

and tomorrow night is the night...
and if i'm setting myself up for disappointment

then may my lover coming back Sunday be

just what i need.



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