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3:55 p.m. - 2010-11-27
Rant for an Asshole
i'd like to walk into your living room tonight for your stupid party,

already drunk,

with the necklace you gave me that Laurel actually picked out, the photo of you that i framed, the moleskin composition book that you gave me for my birthday, the "happy" heart you had made for me, the apron i made with you and your sister's crew at Muddy's, the pins you made ("Holy Calamity, Scream! Insanity" and "Quiche Eater"), the gray sweater that shrunk so you gave it to me, the gray jacket you gave me, the Muddy's shirt i bought to support your bake shop, the bumper sticker "Break the Chain, Eat Local" that i will have to peel off my car window, a doodle you did of me, and the photograph you took that i really liked that you happened to already have framed and that you gave me.
Gee, that's it. that's all i have from our 11 month failed relationship. i'll throw it all, loose and broken at your feet, and grimly announce to your angry loyal friends, your babbling pretend friends, your lovely friends that truly still love me, and your stupid silly potential lovers, "HE broke my heart, he left me this way." and grab my jolly-left guitar and make leave, burn bridges, pave circling paths of hell.

and if i could give back your words, your love, your sex, and anything else you thought was sweet,

i fucking would. maybe i'll wait till Friday, which is my birthday, which is a year from when you first told me you loved me and that you actually wanted to say it "two weeks" after we started dating. i'll wrap everything up in a box and set it on your doorstep. getting rid of that shit would be a nice gift for myself.

(and i'm keeping the iTunes giftcard because it was from your mother.)


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