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8:22 p.m. - 2010-11-08
Some bad advice
If your intentions are to
only have a lover
to fill in the empty space where
someone you were in love with used to be,
and you would return to that person
at the drop of a hat
if they begged for you back. Then you can also do this:

Seduce that heartbroken girl while only separated and not divorced, serenade her, write songs about her, for her, make her dinner, drop by her house every day possible, spend the night often, and tell her you that you love her
after only two weeks. Send her love notes and tell her you never knew
making love
could "feel like this."

Then suddenly, quietly, silently, unspokenly, decide that you will not pursue the divorce until the settled upon time, which is 3 months from now, which will most certainly give her
more time to realize that she misses you and wants you, when you're not around for the holidays. She will also still receive the mortgage payment that, by now, she surely can afford. Besides, that fact, she agreed, "Great, let's get the divorce final." But she must have forgotten, while you were away on business. Imagine that. Just don't bring it up. Don't talk about it, she might remember, and it'll break your heart, allllll over.

You still love her, you want to give her money. It's for the kid, you're worried about the kid. Never mind the new gal in your life, her dinners, her songs, her bed. Never mind.

After these 3 months, ponder, take cover.

And leave the lover. Leave that damn lover.


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