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6:57 p.m. - 2010-11-05
this awareness in me,
laughing manically at the beauty of the sky
and everything around me as i drive
down Sam Cooper Boulevard,
hearing only the voice of my laughter
and letting the waves of wordless warmth
wash over my head
and become tingles of absolute simple joy..
and our colds, sniffing and coughing together on the couch,
question marks swirling around us in the dark,
exclamation points in our bodies,
shooting into each other,
my mouth around you, all around you,
and your words telling me that i'm special.
"devotion" and "autonomy"
are for the day,
and i listen real hard,
and i watch real close,
and as i've been telling you,
you are bringing me closer to myself..

in all your ignorance, and all your deliberateness, and all the ways i am only half of your world,

that other half of me
is becoming mine,

and you can't have any of it, because I can't have

any of yours.


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