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4:15 p.m. - 2010-10-20
words and muss
the best you can,
you'll hold my hand,
while all the grass dies
across this land.

and while we can't promise
a will to survive,
we'll sit by each other
and fuck on this drive.

it's all just comfort
while the season changes,
till the dead finally dies,
till your heart rearranges.

my heart's been a cripple
for a long ass time,
while you suck on my nipple
you're just dreaming in rhyme.

all my words are so broken
and yours flow like God,
and my dreams are unspoken,
while you live, work abroad.

i'm waiting for me,
and i'm waiting for you,
i'm loving what i see
and i think, you are too.

your eyes are two Earths,
one for each of us,
revolving around my world,
to throw me under the bus.

you'll come back tomorrow
and i'll be sittin' right here,
wonderin' if we're together
for love or for fear...

...i'll drink my whiskey & coke,
keep askin' good questions,
hug my friends on the porch...and
just stop thinkin' bout ends...


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