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11:11 p.m. - 2010-08-20
my wisdom in your trashcan
All 4 wisdom are officially out.

The laughing gas was cranked up crazy high, so the transition into la-la land was extremely uncomfortable.

However, as the doc pricked my arm for the actual anesthesia, my tense arms froze in limbo, and then I forced those fingers to relax.

My eyes closed at a point I do not remember, and although the doc warned me I will not remember any conversations during the procedure, I actually remember the 2 times he asked me how I was doing and that he was almost done.

I also recall the conversation he was having with the nurse about her having a friend that was pregnant and wanting to abort the baby, while another mutual friend would be willing to adopt the baby once she gave birth.

I'm one of those now, I guess. Too aware and concentrating too much to enjoy practically anything.

On the extreme upside, being on the laughing gas and anesthesia has a remarkable likeness to being high on marijuana. And I'm happy to say that, because I gave pot up a long time ago after a bad shroom trip, and getting high just made me anxious in a super bad way.

Maybe I'll give it a go again. Morally, I have been confused about how to accept marijuana and I have no idea about legalizing. I guess, honestly, I don't care. I just hate that drugs can eff people up, and my ex whom I have a child with was truly addicted to pot and it tore us apart.

Anyway, I am on drugs right now, demerol, tylenol, advil, dex, an ant-inflammatory, and penicillin.

I've eaten a little soup (ouch, no good), homemade mashed taters with peas, and a fruit smootie. I'm still hungry, but it hurts to eat, ah, well.

I know this was oh so interesting.

Carry on!


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