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6:51 p.m. - 2010-07-02
She Who Will Not Be Pacified
I have a shit list. does everyone have one? yes.

do the little shits come and go? yeah.

I always have a shit list. And there was a time when, the way i shortened it was

I would get to know the person.

So I could forgive.

This is how I know I've changed:

There is a girl named Stephanie Weaver. And she requested a special favor from my boyfriend in March. Maybe he was complaining to her as a friend about our relationship at the time.

And she took it as inspiration

to ask him to fly out to Atlanta, Georgia for sex, and "What would it hurt?"

He supposedly doesn't keep in touch with her anymore, though she is still a contact in his phone. She's a "sex addict." Yeeaaah. And you're talking to my boyfriend about your issues because you're old friends? B.F-ing S.

Um, so, that forgiveness thing? Yeeeeah:

If she and I EVER cross paths, she is the one person on my shit list that will have

an uglier face than she met me with.

Sorry to sound like a Bee-otch. But I have changed.


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