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11:01 a.m. - 2010-06-18
i had a dream that it was raining very hard and there were tons of people everywhere and there was a weird comet-thingy twirling around the crescent moon and i couldn't find my car, and me and some blond-headed girl were running back to the "safety" of a building, rain was POURING, and suddenly the gigantic grocery store to the right of us down a hill exploded when some enormous laser shot at it from the sky. then it shot at us while we were running and hit the ground in front of us and to the left of us.

i woke up. maybe i died or something.

in the dream, i was also supposed to propose to a girl that i haven't seen in 7 years and never particularly liked.

i have no idea. really, i don't. well, my best friend from childhood just got engaged, so maybe that's it. and i really kinda wanna marry this doof that is my boyfriend, as flawed and stupid it is, loneliness is evil. it' really evil.

okay, time to start my day.


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