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1:38 p.m. - 2010-04-22
One thing Rowan's dad used to to tell me, to comfort me, was, "Things are always improving." I let myself, ya know, believe him. Because, well, sure, yeah, even if it's slowly, and you have the right attitude, things seem to improve. In hindsight.

But things didn't seem to be improving, after a while. I stopped believing, I stopped believing in him, and my energy to keep the fire in us going dwindled.

I realize now what he didn't say out loud, ever. I'm sure he didn't say it out loud because he sort of knew he wasn't willing to do it.

So I'll say it the right way now. Not pertaining to anything in particular. But, just, in general. Slowly, but surely. Or, hell, overnight:

"Things are always improving. As long as you're willing to change, if it means it will better things for everyone involved."


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