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11:46 a.m. - 2010-04-13
buying time
I was drunk on margaritas last night,
it was your birthday,
and we were nestled on a patio with friends,
so i looked at you, and i smiled, and i whispered,
"you ARE in love with me"
and you held my hand, sighed a little sigh, closed your eyes, smiled a little smile, opened your eyes, and you whispered, "baby, give me time."
you fingered me in the car while we drove downtown for dinner, something you've never done before. and as a cop drove by, you said "put your legs down" and we laughed.
before we made love later that night, i sang for you for the first time, "saaaaaay you loooooove me.." and you cried and said, "i love you."


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