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9:47 p.m. - 2009-09-26
"Everyone coming to my party tomorrow night?...except you..." pointing to me.

"You were supposed to reschedule it, like next weekend!" jokingly, drunkenly (of course. not really, but. yeah.)

Rolls his eyes and says quietly, "oh yea" and then looks down to say quite quietly, "well, my dad will be back in town.."

and i say, "oh yea" in, "oh yeah, you live with your dad..because you're back in school. but that's cool. but it sucks. yea."

and Mrs. LTA says quite smoothly, quite nonchalantly, and with eyeless love, "well, that's gonna be your own kinda party then."

we both looked down and had no idea what to say.

it's a step i can hope leads up.

or down. depending on what we're talking about here. or if his bedroom is upstairs or not.

anyway. aren't you glad i haven't lost hope?


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