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10:41 p.m. - 2009-08-27
What Do I Do?
i couldn't stand wondering anymore.

I texted the man I am falling for

HER number.

He wrote back a minute later, "Am I supposed to call her?"

I replied, "I thought you would want to, you seem to like her."

A minute later: "I mean she's cool, yeah but I don't like her like her. Ya know? :-)"

I replied, 7 minutes later, "Oops. :)"

That's all I could think of besides, "THANK YOU LORD JESUS COME TO ME NOW!"

Someone tell me I'm crazy?

I looked on his photography blog a few minutes later and he had posted a photo of a magazine shot, a girl with a headphone/retainer piece on her head, her tongue slightly protruding. He had the shot lying sideways, so you could read the fortune he laid by her mouth:
"An admirer is too shy to greet you."
Below it he typed, "Maybe this is the problem. -_-"

Right after that, he posted a drawing of a real human heart, Figure 3.

I just wrote this poem yesterday:

"What do i do?
Who do i abandon?
What wheels
should stop spinning?
My fist-shaped organ
is just that,
and crushed bone.
A mushy mess
of self-inflicted
'Bring it.'
It turns the circles of the day,
counting to three,
wondering what kind of love
is okay
being the shape of a fist."

I'm just sayin'.


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