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1:46 p.m. - 2009-08-22
be it chrissy christyna christina or tina:
pheromones or true love?

a net for catching, a net to be caught:
are we preying or are we praying?

(the dark hallway was a trap
you led her into,
because when you both walked out,
you walked away and:

the seat beside her held empty.
she left, her ears empty.

god, i wonder
are we here for wading

in your eenie meenie minie mo,
your overflowing ego?

when your ride was leaving,
empty continued
walking by your side.

i ran to fill it,
my sadness
dropping into it with
shy accusations
somehow falling up

into you.

it evaporated
the eenie meenie
that crowds the rim
of any room you're in

and your arm came around me

(not the one that hit the fan)

~your excuse for no goodbye~

drank the last sip
i have
left in me

and as it poured into you, i asked,
"what am i supposed to say?"

the words that would
normally sit on that rim of you
now peeked over the edge

mouths muffled shut.

and so you handed me
a glowing, green

broken into
a straight line

and that line said to me,

"i don't want to say goodbye.
make me infinite. make me eternity. make me forever."

we stayed content with that
and i turned to your quiet friend,

who squeezed my shoulders
and hugged me close.

with a little night leftover,
empty found me a friend to spot the green glow
silently peeking from my back pocket.

we remedied the broken quiet of it
and gave it back

something nice to hope for.

(i did wonder
if he even wanted me
to fix it.)

i made it home,
and, of course, the circle slept beside me.

along with hope,
it snuck past the covers
into the cracks of the unknown......

i'm not surprised (are you?)
and now it's lost
with all my dreams.


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