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12:25 p.m. - 2009-08-02
I am
turning into poison, the inside of my arm


My head is pillow turned jello,
my jaw a toilet running.

Stepping into the police station to file a report turned into smirks.

Their boredom turned
into too many words
that dressed in letters
that looked a lot like

"arrest" or "arrests"

My phone call became your flee which became the tornado siren, the wind, the downpour.

The angry cop turned into "you're on your own, lady. Good luck."

The rookie turned into rain,

and they all became the song "woo hoo!"

i became wringing hands,


ten bucks at a gas station

for a homeless woman's cigarettes, sandwich, and energy drink,

her crazy, child smile,

her forgetting about me

as i silently walked out.

walking out, walking away, driving in tornadoes and floods

washing, cleaning up



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