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6:29 p.m. - 2009-07-13
skeleton wings
a week later, we stood by each other
the night once again became wet
but it stuck to our skin like leeches
and wanted so badly to suck the darkness out

and you said to the man who had left before the storm,

"you missed lying on the grass
in the rain!
it was wonderful, it was great, it was the best feeling ever!"

i nodded and whispered "yes."

and then you said, "i want to relive it!..."

and i whispered, "me, too..."

later, between us, you said you don't cry when people die, when you lose things. it's a part of life. you don't miss things once they're gone.

i wanted to say, "so you don't miss me when i'm gone?" but i just smiled and said, "hmmm..."

and the night kept going and you said, "i'm allergic to everything. like the perfume department in jcpenney? i can't do that place....i ask all the girls i date not to wear any perfume."

i wish it could have been my place to say, "well, it's a good thing i don't wear perfume.."

but, i just nodded
and smiled
and said, "hmmm...."


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