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9:20 a.m. - 2009-05-31
hungover babblitybab
why did i drunk text a smiley face to a particular someone? how does one respond to that? i guess you don't. i guess you just smile and i just wonder if you're smiling.

i was not invited to a bbq before the show. more than a lack of communication. more like, wife deleted my number from husband's phone out of insecurity and no one else happened to have my number. um. just a big fat um.

lots of curse words. lots.

my heartache is like a headache.

beer is not my friend. whiskey from here on out. nice and slow.

or water. water's good.

i wish i was fat and ugly (or insanely, irresistibly gorgeous, where men and women oggle-oogly at my feet). i cut my hair, that was a start. now i need to get really fat, never wear makeup, master wit, and smile way too much so people's wives won't be intimidated by me, so i can enjoy a fucking bbq before a show.

the show went well, though. not a huge crowd, but it was more of a going-away party for a couple of people who are moving to chicago.


a lady dropped her parakeet off a couple of days ago saying it didn't get along with her cat. so i brought it home and Rowan named him Brillia.

i try sometimes, and i don't know why. why why why.

i'll sing. i'm gonna sing.

fuck. big fuck. fuckity fuck, fuck a damn duck.

my brain is slammed.

no sense. nothing makes sense. beginnings of ends. beginnings of ends.


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