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7:31 p.m. - 2009-04-12
am i being pathetic?

i posted old photos of me and my friend (with other folks) on myspace, and made one of them my default. and i wrote a blog just dedicating an excerpt from "a waking life" to him.

i guess maybe i'm being paranoid.

a guy i went to school with at the same time i hung out a lot with my friend wrote his update as "some people are so pathetic"...he had a crush on me back then and i entertained it (back then) for like a night, but it didn't go anywhere.

well. yeah. who cares, right.

a close friend of mine deleted EVERY connection to him online. myspace, facebook, and his blogspot page. goddamnit, if one more of my friends isolates himself to death, i'm going to...volunteer at a suicide hotline or something.

my brain wasn't working yesterday and now i'm being so lazy. i need to do laundry. or something.


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