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11:10 p.m. - 2009-04-09
fucking recession is a fucking tard
i always end up underestimating the devil.

the recession is catching up with me QUICKLY.

last year, i had "excellent" credit. not even a year later, i have less debt. yet, because the banks don't want to lend out anymore money, my credit line was severly lowered and gives my debt the appearance of "revolving" too close to the credit limit.

suddenly, i have terrible credit. because of THAT.

WAMU was changed to Chase (after previously being PayPal), and they changed my due date to a several days before what it always was before.

of course, i've been out of sorts and didn't make a payment until today, two days before my usual payment date.
oh, well, it was due YESTERDAY.

i talked to a woman on the phone whose life goal is to sound like a fucking automated computer voice (seriously, that's WEIRD), and she was no fucking help. she got to listen to herself talk some more when i called. fucking retard. now my APR is probably going to be 30%. greeeaat! money down the toilet? i'll pretend it's the difference in what i should be paying in rent. god, i'm good.

of course, it doesn't help that all of Heeter's debt is under my name. but like i said, last year, i had "excellent" what happened??

the recession is kicking my ass.

you know what it's time for?

a fucking yard sale.

on craig's list. that's right. i said it.


when my life doesn't revolve around these phony ass numbers anymore, and i'm growing my own food out on a small bit of land out west and living off bartering.

oh yeah. stress-free baby. fuck these numbers. fuck the government.
fuck all this debt money bullshit.

it's not REAL, people. why are you fucking with everyone's LIVES over something so FAKE?

i'm just going to sell everything i own, even my 1968 gibson guitar, my euphonium, my other guitar. that'll pay off everyone i know's debt!

come buy my stuff, you old rich ladies and young rich kids! i'll show you how to stimulate the economy.


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