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9:52 p.m. - 2009-03-30
our twenties
in my most longing hour,
you called me ugly.

in my blackest cry,
you eased back with white noise.

when i hid the meaning of life
between the lines,
you ignored it, and in that,
erased me.

in all my truth,
you find fiction.

in my hope,
you find less.

in what i share with you,
you push away your untouched plate.

in my most teetering moment,
you shoved me.

when i am feeling faceless,
i have discovered that i still
have more face than you.

perhaps life will let you feel
minute by minute
those which belong to you

one at a time,

my stories, useless unreadable myths,

and they will be

all that you have,

all that i've given, all that was left, all that is waiting.


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