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5:06 p.m. - 2009-02-15
to be told..
let me start somewhere. i have to write about someone i've never written about. just to get it off my chest. someone i'll never see again.

he sounds like an asshole on the phone. until he knows it's me. then his voice lights up like the sun dropping at sunset, turning from too bright into just bright enough, evening light, the shade just right in the summer before night.

and when i first walk into the shop, i know he's already seen me through the glass door. face like stone, every facial feature right where it should be and not moving, not giving anything away, tan and probably perfect, if i could stand to look at him long enough without blushing. i'm not talking about his eyes. his eyes...give everything away.

i have a feeling i can do no wrong with him. it's just a feeling. what not being blind does to people. the trick of being young, of thinking you'll look like this forever..


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