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9:33 p.m. - 2009-01-28
the deal i made
Beezlebub, you're getting on my nerves, so when are you going to start talking? he's got big red eyes and he rubs his hands together and jumps around like he's cackling.

i met the guy one of my best friends said i reminded her of or am "on the same level" with.
no comment. except he seemed very interested in Heeter. and opposites attract.

the big ol' ice/snow storm was a perfect opportunity for me to be the only nurse to show up at work this morning and do everything myself, including helping with three surgeries.

i have worn the same two pairs of diamond earrings since about 2004, two in each ear. given to me by Heeter.

one earring out of my left ear fell out today. i don't know where and i doubt i'll find it.

it's a deal i made with myself a while back to fend off fate. when fate was being rude and impractical. fate is playing my game with me now.


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