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10:29 p.m. - 2009-01-16
i pay attention but don't really talk about it
world events.

obama's inauguration is monday. wow.

a pilot landed a plane in water after a flock of geese flew through the engine right after takeoff in new york. everyone survived, including an infant, a dude that broke both legs, and some lady from memphis.

a guy got arrested for faking his death. he parachuted out of his private plane after reporting that it was going down. but he was so badly injured, it goes from there and he got caught. a troubled man.

i hate drunken scrawl, even if it's typed (like yesterday's entry).

i've never typed so many entries in my LIFE. what the hell is going on?

oprah had a breakdown because she hates that she gained a bunch of weight. so oprah, when are you going to figure out you're not superwoman?

war sucks. as usual.

love sucks. as usual.

life isn't fair. same as always.

but how i do always love the clouds.


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