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3:34 p.m. - 2008-11-23
i'd rather read than pack.
i'd rather drift to sleep
than have sex.
i'd rather lie in a cold room
than on the couch with a heater
with you.
it's a lucky thing
the bugs don't come in that room.
it's dark and the mattress
is on the floor.
i don't look for any
crawling on the walls,
not like i used to.
i hate them,
but tonight i'm too tired.
i thought i'd note that,
give them some credit for once.
because once i do actually start
and we move in less than a week,
this room won't exist to me anymore,
and neither will these nuisance bugs,
and i figure,
why not make it history
i didn't worry
where i laid my head in the dark.


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